The Bioprogramme Co. was founded in 1993 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Its CEO is also former Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Herbalists and Mushroom Gatherers and Growers. The main office of the company is located in the village of Dobroslavci, which is part of the greater Sofia area and is known as an ecologically friendly area with less industrial pollution.

Today Bioprogramme has become a leading producer of Bulgarian tea and tea infusions and is among the leading Bulgarian producers of packed herbs on the local pharmaceutical market. In addition Bioprogramme is one of the leading companies exporting whole and cut Bulgarian herbs, dried fruit and spices, as raw materials for many industries in Western Europe and the United states such as Pharmaceuticals, tea production, cosmetics, food etc.

In order to prove and guarantee the quality of its products Bioprogramme has successfully completed the ISO 9001-2008 standard since 2001 , IFS and HACCP since 2009 . As a leading Bulgarian producer of herbs and tea, Bioprogramme is certified IMO (Institute for Marketecology) - Organic Agricultural Production. Organic Wild Collection. Handling (Processing and Marketing) of Organic Products. As a result we are exporter of organic Bulgarian herbs with guaranteed origin.

Since 2003 we operate with German machines from "Franz Sagemuller", "Winniker" and "Liber and Veight" to moisturize, cut and sieve the herbs and spices we produce. A metal detector screens the raw materials for metal particles. The company also has its own laboratory. To pack the products we use machines from Italy and Germany. All these processes from the growing and gathering of the herbs to the final production are monitored to guarantee high quality competable on the foreign markets as well as exceptional final products.

In 1993 Bioprograme produced four products. Today the catalog of biggest Bulgarian tea company includes more than 60 products, which include a wide range of single-herb infusions, mixed herbal infusions, black, green and fruit teas, etc. In 2003 Bioprogramme introduced more than 60 types of packed herbs providing very well preserved healing qualities.

In 2004 the company created a new line of food supplements called "Bioprogramme Live", which has been very successful. The products in this line have a high concentration of natural ingredients.

Our main goal is to use our knowledge of the healing properties of the herbs, infusions, and food supplements, offering natural products that can improve our customer's health and lifestyle. Bioprogramme is a company with traditions in the production of herbal products and has proven its reliability as a stable business partner. As a prove the company and its products have won many awards and honors in Bulgaria and abroad.

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