Enterosan S-1 - Male Potency Enhancer, Erection, Libido

This is the first probiotic specially made for erection sex problems, and their connection with the health of your digestive system. It is a result of years of work. These probiotic sex pills are very different from the common sex tablets at the market, because the active bacteria are cultivated in a special environment which gives them the additional qualities that will lead to hard and potency erection.
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Enterosan S - 1
Sex tablets - Working, Healthy, Bio
Food supplement


  • Strengthen the erection
  • Increase the formation of semen (spermatogenesis) on conceiving problems
  • Strengthen the male potency
  • Increase the activity and mobility of the spermatozoa
  • Increase the percentage of live and mobile spermatozoa
  • Overcome mental stress and depression in sexual contact
  • Coordinates the physiological activity of the body
  • Maintains the balance of the gastrointestinal microflora
  • Promotes the development of friendly bacteria in the intestines that fight toxins and harmful bacteria
  • Supports healthy immune system activity
  • Absolutely harmless
  • These sexual pills are free of chemicals
  • Do not strain the liver. 

   Ingredients: the daily dose of 3 sex tabs. contains a concentrate (more than 10 billion cfu/g) of the following live and active probiotic crops:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus - 200 mg
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB 51-157 - 150 mg
  • Lactobacillus casei C - 50 mg
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum L 1 - 300 mg
  • subsidiary substances: microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate.

   With the daily dose of 3 sex pills you will also take a lot of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin B 10.02 mg - 0.08 mg
  • Niacin 0.02 - 0.04 mg NE
  • Vitamin C 6 mg
  • France 12 mg - 14 mg
  • Phosphorus 3 mg
  • Magnesium 0.04 mg 
  • Zinc 0,01mg - 0,02mg 

   Enterosan S-1 is an excellent supplement for erectile dysfunction and strong, longlasting erection. These are special and unique sex tablets designed for men with erection problems, ejaculation problems and low level of spermatozoa in semen analysis. Increases the desire for sex.   

Recommended dosage: 

  • For hard erection and normal sexual life - 3 times a day per 1 tab. after meals with a glass of water for minimum 15 days. Maintenance dose: 1 time a day evening after meal per 1 tab. with a glass of water.
  • For Erectile dysfunction and excellent spermatogenesis (on conceiving problems) - 3 times a day per 1 tab. after meals with a glass of water for minimum 30 days. Maintenance dose: 1 time a day evening after meal per 1 tab. with a glass of water.
  • Like all the organic probiotic supplements its need time to reach the full effect. So the minimum treatment is 1 month to feel the results
  •  If you take two or more different probiotics Enterosan, you need to take each of them during at least one hour.You can track our catalog on eBay for more beneficial probiotics and synbiotics from series Enterosan.

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