Tribulus Terrestris Tea

100% Tribulus Terrestris Tea from Bulgaria. 100% Natural herbal product. This is the original Tribulus terrestris herb.
What is tribulus Terrestris?
70% of the sex pills on the market are based on Tribulus terrestris. This is the most coomon and powerful ingredient in the sex pills, tablets and capsuls in erection boosters on the matket. Now you can have the original sex pills builder - Tribulus Terrestris from Bulgaria.
The root and the fruit of Tribulus terrestris have the highest content of active ingredients. The herb contains some steroidal saponins, proteins, phenols, flavonoids, glycosides and large amounts of vitamin C. We offer the whole herb Tribulus terrestris, along with the root and the fruit.

Protodioscine is the most active saponin in Tribulus. The Tribulus terrestris growing in Bulgaria is one of the richest of this ingredient - containing protodioscine almost double compared to other types of Tribulus growing in other countries. This makes the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris one of the most popular and effective in the production of sex pills.
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Suitable for:

  • Sexual interference
  • Male impotency
  • Increasing the libido
  • Man sterility
  • For fitness
  • Вodybuilding
  • Мuscle growth
  • Recovery


  • Taken regularly it helps effectively for erectile dysfunction
  • Increases the natural synthesis of testosterone which is the most important for the proper function and health of man body
  • Increases the libido and the sexual energy
  • Helps the body to recover faster after trainings
  • Stimulates the intensive growth of the muscle fibers
  • Regulates the heart rhythm and the increased cholesterol
  • Taken regularly it reduces the high blood pressure
  • Reduces the symptoms of the enlarged prostate and the size of the prostate


   In 300 ml of water put 2 tea bags and boil for 15 min. Then fill up the utensil with the mixture with fresh water up to a 300 ml. again and keep it in that way for 24 hours. Then strain the tea. Store the ready fluid in a refrigerator. The first day drink 3 times per 3 tablespoons after meal. The second day - three times per 4 tablespoons after meal. The third day - 3 times per 5 tablespoons after meal. Prepare 2 more doses in the above mentioned way and drink them till they finish 3 times a day per 5 tablespoons after meal. Make a 10 days pause and the dose can be repeated. Guaranteed sex pills results for hundreds of years.

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