Senna tea - for Constipation & Detox

This is the original Senna tea directly from the manufacturer in Bulgaria, EU

Being a laxative, senna is effective in relieving. It has been approved by the US FDA as a non prescription drug . Senna stimulates the muscles of the colon to push fecal matter through more quickly.
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 Senna acts on the intestinal walls to cause contractions that lead to bowel movements. It softens stool by enabling the colon to absorb water.

Senna has been regarded as a “cleansing” due to its laxative effects. Senna is used in bio to clear away the heat accumulated in the large intestine, helping the body get rid of the stagnant food accumulated in the stomach. Today, it is widely used in cleansing the colon before colonoscopy and other types of colon surgery.
Powerful tea for: Laxative, constipation, detox (detoxication), diets, slimming, slim fit, fat burning, laxativ
1 box contains 20 tea bags.
Way of use:
Put one tea bag in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Drink 3 times daily before meals.


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